Brinton Wins Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s Melvin R. Goodes Prize

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

Roberta Diaz Brinton, PhD, has been named the winner of the 2017 Melvin R. Goodes Prize for Excellence in Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery. The prize, awarded by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), is the first to recognize researchers developing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. 

Gender gap in Alzheimer's disease rates, caregiving needs more attention

MAY 10, 2017, Roberta Diaz Brinton | StatNews

Every day, Alzheimer's disease forces women to make hard, life-altering choices about their careers, relationship and finances.

Why are Women More Susceptible to Alzheimer's Disease Than Men

APRIL 6, 2017, Arizona Public Media

Studying the aging brain's susceptibility to Alzheimer's Disease (AD), Roberta Brinton discovered dramatic differences between how female and male brains generate the energy they need as the brain ages. Brinton has discovered that the adaptive strategies that the female brain uses to address the decline in energy production may predispose women to AD.